Before I started writing the press release for this VITRINE, I checked the internet to find out more about John Mckellar. Apart from one art review I could not find anything else about him. He is the only person I know who does not use a computer. We communicate by phone or in person at the Spanjaardshof, where we both have a studio. Anyone who has ever seen John’s studio will never forget it. I thought it would be nice to take some photographs of it and put them on the website. In 2011 I helped him hang an exhibition of his work at the Spanjaardshof. I am a fan. I told him it would be great if he could create something for the VITRINE and he also liked the idea. We agreed that he could have it from early September on. In July he told me his subject would be Gustave Mahlers final voyage from New York to Europe. I am more familiar with New York than with Gustave Mahler, but fortunately I was able to find much information about the latter. I also started to listen to his music. During my summer holiday I started thinking about what I could add, knowing that his installation would be filling the entire VITRINE there would only be limited space. I was hoping that there would be a Mahler record album at home. On my return home I found an LP: Kindertotenlieder, featuring Kathleen Ferrier with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra led by Bruno Walter, a legendary recording. Unfortunately it had an ugly cover. When I took the vinyl record out, I was relieved, because the record label was lovely, showing the familiar little white dog listening to "His Masters Voice". A great coincidence is that this logo has already been painted by John and can be seen in his studio. It is one of the first things you notice when you come in.
In France, where I was on vacation, I found an old cassette tape of Mahler and I took it home to the Netherlands. When I consider my VITRINE additions, I think of all sorts of possibilities. I intended to pull the tape from the cassette and lay it down as waves over the painted VITRINE ocean. John immediately let me know he did not like this idea, so I was very happy I had the record as an alternative. 
On Sunday 7 September, John and I started out early in the morning to work on the installation. At 5 o'clock we were ready except for my addition. I had to go to my father and there I went looking for the photo album of the year I was born. I found the passenger booklet of the Statendam between the pages. Very convenient since I did not have to pry it loose. The Statendam was a large ocean liner of the Holland America Line. As a six-week-old baby I sailed on it from New York to Rotterdam. I am on the passenger list, as well as my brother Jan Willem, who is registered as 
Master JW Louwerens. We travelled first class, the first and last time, to my knowledge. 
I made a special discovery: we sailed on September 6, 1957. Exactly 57 years ago to the day I physically started this VITRINE. Even though this installation needed nothing extra, I could not resist adding the booklet
The record hangs like a black full moon on the upper right end.